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Since 2007 Hilary May has owned and directed Stretch-n-Grow in the beautiful Foothills of North Carolina. Hilary, a wife, and mother to 2 wonderful kids, combined her passions for children and fitness to have an impact on the lives of children!  She is dedicated to partnering with childcare facilities and community organizations in improving the quality of life for our future generations.


Hilary is a life long exercise enthusiast as well as a former early childhood and elementary education teacher. Hilary grew up in Middletown, Ohio and attended Hanover College on the banks of the Ohio River in Indiana. In 2003, the May Family moved to Hickory and she is a proud member of First United Methodist Church, NETworX, Live Well Catawba, YMCA of Catawba Valley Board, Hickory Downtown Development Association and is thrilled to be a community partner with many other organizations.



Finding the right mix of talent, energy, and dependability is no joke for directors. Stretch-n-Grow prioritizes our talent search and strives to be the BEST at attracting, training and retaining great talent to teach and coach your kids. Our schools RAVE about the impact our staff brings to their kids.  Our staff is by far the best team in Catawba County!


Our school partners have an amazing educational curriculum, but they know the benefits of out-sourcing their enrichment classes to Stretch-n-Grow. You want programs that line up with state and national standards and deliver the outcomes that parents expect and kids need. No matter what class experience our coaches are delivering, we aim to get kids moving – and that helps with focus, self-control, improved academic performance, and better health!


Our values drive us to serve our school partners and families with uncompromising integrity and unmatched energy with an unswerving commitment to delivering the best programs in the best places by the best people. We are a faith-based, service-driven community of educators who value and honor the trust our customers place on us.

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